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Expressions creating impressions

Generally speaking, Tofteloftet´s unique products cover a wide range, from pure art pieces to give-aways and conference material. Our present activities consist of two main parts:

-        Photographical art

-        Image-building material, for example conference folders and individual cards.  

The structure, the surface, the feeling – the cellulose fibre arouses interest far beyond the forest industry. An increasing number of companies and organizations go for products made from pulp sheets. The unique products have the potential of creating a distinctive image of its owner and their expression attains impression. The brandname is given: Fibre Expressions.

We dare say that Tofteloftet´s business concept is unique. The art products from the pulp sheets are being manufactured by printing or embossing motives and designs on the sheets. This we have been doing since 2006. To learn and master the art of printing high quality images on pulp sheets was a big, long-term and exciting experiment. We succeeded, thanks to a lot of persistence. 


As for the artistic part of Tofteloftet´s activities, there have been articles and stories in Norwegian newspapers, magazines and trade magazines reaching altogether 700 000 readers or 14 percent of the total population in Norway. 

So far the sales of Tofteloftet amount to 900 pieces of photographical art and other images, 4 300 conference folders and 28 000 cards and covers of different kinds. 


The industrial photographical art pieces from Tofteloftet have been high-lighted by established art critics as well. Hilde Hernes from one of Norway´s most famous galleries characterizes them as three-dimensional, sculptural photos.


About us

Tiril b Björkvold and Svein Erik Bakken are the entrepreneurs behind Tofteloftet. Together we hold wide experiences within pedagogics, journalism, radio production, web production, documentary production and agriculture. During the years, we have always had a great interest for art and handicraft and Tofteloftet is now our most important activity.


Our customers

Among Tofteloftet´s customers you will find many well-knowned companies and organizations in Norway. Our photographical art is also represented in Sweden (by Södra) and in Germany. Some examples below.

        * Public decoration, big assignment

-        Oslo Kongress Center

-        Viken Skog (Norway´s biggest forest owner association)

-        Drammen Municipality

-        Glommen Skog (Norway´s second largest forest owner association)

-        The Norwegian Forest Association

-        The Town Hall in Nedre Eiker Municipalit

* Purchased photographical art:

-        Södra Cell R&D (recently Södra Innovation)

-        Södra´s art assocation

-        BYK Additives & Instruments, Germany

-        The Norwegian Labour Party

-        Buskerud County

-        The Council of Drammen Region

-        Hurum Municipality

-        Södra Cell Tofte AS

-        The Railroad Department´s art association

                * Image-building material, big customers:

-        DNB, Norway´s biggest bank

-        Validus Group, one of Norway´s leading companies in heath food, duty free and personal care

-        The Norwegian Labour Party

                     * Image-building material, more customers:

-        The Norwegian Forest Association

-        Cicero, center of climate research

-        The Norwegian Forest Owner Federation

-        The Coast Department

-        Norwegian Industry, Norway´s biggest trade association.